This is the announcement you’ve been waiting for:

You thought it was over. A vaccine was found to stop the outbreak. For now, the healthy are no longer at risk of infection. But in the aftermath of Armageddon, society has plunged into decay and lawlessness. After four years, the scattered, flesh hungry dead are no longer your biggest threat. It is a man known by his followers as simply The Game Warden. He emerged from deep in the hills, where it all began, to bring order. He has enslaved the survivors, split them into groups, and riddled their humanity for his own twisted entertainment.

This October 14th, you will compete for your freedom within one of the most frightening landscapes in the world. A NEW game of survival has surfaced . . . This is THE HUNT.

On June 1st, registration opens and complete details and rules will be revealed. Be ready. In the dead of Virginia City, not everyone can emerge victorious.

2013: Redrun 1: The Living Dead Rise from the Ground
2014: Redrun 2: The CDC Attempts to Control the Spread of the Outbreak
2015: Redrun 3: All Military and Medical Forces Eradicated as the Living Insane Gather Humans to Feed the Dead
2016: Redrun 4: The Quest for the Vaccine and Human Salvation
2017: You’ve survived up until now. But can you win The Hunt?
2018: Redrun 5



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