Redrun is one of the most authentic zombie runs on the planet. Virginia City is not a theme park. It is considered among the most haunted places in the world. You will fight your way through some of the most chilling landmarks ever documented including cemeteries, a century-old ranch, mining bunkers, corpse-like buildings and down the center of one of the oldest “living” ghost towns in the country – all while trying to escape the abominations of Armageddon.  This will be the most frightening run of your life.

Experience means nothing. Up until now your only goal has been to survive. On October 8th, human salvation will be up to you. You will be sent out into the ravages of Armageddon  to find the vaccine that can save the human race from infection. You will be hunted by cannibalistic corpses and the crazy. Keep your wits. This isn’t a race. You will come across revive stations on your journey. These pockets of safety will resuscitate you with drinks, music and the camaraderie of those on the same mission. Use them. The very fate of humanity relies on your survival.

REDRUN 1 –  the Living Dead rise from the ground.

REDRUN 2 –  the CDC attempt to control the spreading. 

REDRUN 3 – all military and medical forces are eradicated as the Living Insane gather humans to feed the dead.

REDRUN 4 – A Feat Never Attempted Before: The Search for Human Salvation
In a world overrun by the flesh-starved dead, downtown Virginia City is one of only a few safe zones left. Word of hope has reached these survivors: there is a vaccine that can save the human race from infection. It is somewhere out there, hidden among the shattered landscape of insatiable zombies and the hunters of the living. A decision has been made. The strong will be sent out  in search of the serum. Human salvation is up to you. Will you return to downtown VC with the vaccine or will you be ripped apart? On October 8th, get ready to run like hell.

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