Virginia City is not a theme park.  It is considered among the most haunted places in the world.   This will be the most frightening run of your life.  You will not survive Virginia City’s Zombiegeddon.  The living insane will hunt you down to feed the flesh starved living dead.  Fight your way through some of the most chilling landmarks ever documented including cemeteries, century old train tunnels, mining bunkers, corpse-like buildings and down the center of one of the oldest “living” ghost towns in the country.

REDRUN 1 –  the Living Dead rise from the ground.

REDRUN 2 –  the CDC attempt to control the spreading. 

REDRUN 3 – all military and medical forces are eradicated as the Living Insane gather humans to feed the dead.

REDRUN 4 – Experience means nothing.  Just like life, things change.  Courses change, landmarks change and the world around you will change. Those that have survived before will have their tales, but their experience will be irrelevant as you run for your life in Virginia City.  This October, everything has changed.  The world around you will be torn apart and all human organization will cease to exist.  All hope is lost.  You and your friends will be on your own.

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