Redrun Introduces a Whole New Game – The Hunt



The Hunt is a twisted, riddle-solving race in the most authentic living ghost town in the world. You will compete against your fellow survivors. You will explore the depths of the paranormal. You will be timed. Your team will be tested. Find the clues. Keep an eye on the clock. Just remember to watch out for living dead.

There is no set course. This is not a 5K or a 10K. This is a fast-paced test of your wits. This is an experiment to reveal your team’s strength and unity. This will take you inside real haunted, century-old buildings. This is not just a scavenger hunt. This is a whole new game of survival. Be ready. In the dead of Virginia City, Nevada, not everyone can emerge victorious.



The outbreak plunged society into chaos and decay, turning the dead into hunters of human flesh. The government tried to stop the outbreak, but all medical and military personnel were eradicated. Now, only a few pockets of civilization remain. Downtown Virginia City is one of them. Four years after the outbreak began hope came to this stronghold. A vaccine to stop the infection was somewhere in the hills around them. A group of survivors braved the cannibalistic corpses and rotted landscape to find it. They returned to the refuge triumphant but, shortly after their arrival, a man with a twisted sense of entertainment took over.

He is known simply as The Game Warden. He controls who gets the medicine, using it to enslave and manipulate the living. Only those who have proven their loyalty to him have been given the vaccine. The rest are forced to do his bidding, and they’ve grown restless under his oppression. Those who live healthy and free within the compound are bored. To entertain his followers and maintain his rule, The Game Warden created a game to riddle the very humanity out of its competitors. The Game Warden created The Hunt.

The Hunt pits groups of un-vaccinated survivors against each other in a timed, mind-bending game through the chilling landmarks of VC. The prize – the vaccine and freedom. The Game Warden is not going to make it easy. He will do anything to keep his power…even if it means sacrificing the safety of the stronghold to the flesh-starved dead.


The after-life outdoor after-party is a community celebration of survival and teamwork. It will feature food, beer, and a ton of prizes and giveaways. There will be music, tailgate-style games, costume contests, and much, much more. The party will be packed with zombies and competitors from all over the country. Celebrate The Hunt into the dead of night.


The Hunt is a team scavenger hunt that will take place in the heart of Virginia City. It will take you inside the corpselike buildings that make this living ghost town the most authentic in the world. To solve the riddles, find the clues, and crack the final code, you will explore the history of the dead. You will feel that cold shiver up your spine. You will face the final unresting place of troubled souls. You will have to do it all on foot. And to win, you’ll have to do it as fast as you can.

In the midst of Armageddon, you had to run like hell across the desolate landscape surrounding Virginia City. You were able to take your time. You could do it alone. You just had to stay alive. The Hunt is a competition. It is teams fighting for survival. The Hunt is entertainment.

Think that because The Hunt takes place within the VC compound you’re safe from the dead? Think again. Each team will receive one set of flags they must protect from zombies. Where and how will you come across their paths? You’ll have to play to find out. The Game Warden has all kinds of tricks up his sleeve.

Teams are encouraged to dress-up to show their solidarity. The best costumes will be rewarded at the after-party.


2 to 3 People

4 to 6 People

Price: $50 per Competitor
*pricing will increase on August 1st

Redrun Saloon Crawl: $15
Many of the landmarks in the Hunt are on the Redrun Saloon Crawl. You can do both! Compete in The Hunt while enjoying specialty drinks and discounts at bars through downtown Virginia City. Don’t worry about it effecting your time. In VC, you can take your drink with you.

T-Shirt: $15



Your insatiable hunger for living flesh drives you to the stronghold of Virginia City. You can smell the warm blood just through those fortified walls. You haven’t feasted in a long time. But you’re too emaciated and weak to get inside. Someone has to let you in.

The Game Warden has a role for you in The Hunt. He’s keeping it under wraps for now.

Zombies make the atmosphere of this event. Dress-up, get bloody, and get ready to play the part of the living dead. You’re efforts will be worth it. Never before have zombies been rewarded so much in the aftermath of Armageddon.

Price: $30

Professional Make-Up: $15

Redrun Bar Crawl: $15
Just because you’re dead doesn’t mean you ca n’t enjoy a drink.


This crawl is extraordinary. Many try to duplicate, but no one can match the authenticity of the historic saloons of Virginia City. Some of them are over 100-years-old. All of them are within walking distance of one another. Your saloon crawl cup gets you your first beer free at the main event bar and a map to exclusively sample a wide range of Redrun-themed drinks and one-of-a-kind Virginia City specialty drinks. The samples may prove to be enough, but if you need more, your cup will get you special pricing on all drinks.

Redrun Saloon Crawl Hours
11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.




The Living Dead Rise from the Ground

The CDC Attempt to Control the Spread of the Outbreak

All Military and Medical Forces Eradicated as the Living Insane Gather Humans to Feed the Dead

The Search for the Vaccine and Human Salvation

You’ve survived up until now, but can you win The Hunt?

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