All Are Safe: For Now

All Are Safe: For Now



This is Rebel Squad Z with a final transmission from within the Virginia City Sanctuary. All survivors within our compound have been successfully cured of the virus. We have not seen the Dead in 199 days. While Virginia City is no longer under threat, we issue this warning to the outside: we do not know where the hordes have headed. The Game Warden and his followers have fled with them. We believe the traitor who poisoned the vaccine is among them. Stay vigilant. We end this transmission with a message from Liquid Blue Events:

“To everyone who dressed up, got bloody, and ran like hell these past six years – thank you! While this chapter of Redrun is over, we hope to one day bring it back in some form. For now, we hope you’ll see us at one of our other many events in Northern Nevada and California. Thank you again. We had one hell of a good time. “

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