REBEL SQUAD – 2 to 3 Team Members

MOB SQUAD – 4 to 6 Team Members

This high-speed, riddle-solving race will take you inside the buildings and across the desolate landscape of Virginia City. This isn’t your typical 5k or 10k. It’s a relay, scavenger hunt, capture-the-flag, color run twists through historically haunted and off-the-grid destinations. You will fight through zombie hordes. You will face obstacles. You will solve puzzles and collect clues along the way. Stay your course and run like hell.

Several undisclosed key locations will house Zombie infested Dead Zones and revive stations loaded with the proper beverages to suppress the anxiety of surviving.

The goal: Decipher the coordinates to the Puzzle Master’s safe house. Obtain an offering proving yourself worthy of his purified blood. Bring the cure back to civilization.

Price: $70

All Survivors Will Receive

  • Redrun Bag with Goodies
  • 1 Time Discounted Upgrade Option on Performance T-Shirt, Hoodie & Course Beer/Drink Tokens (deadline of October 1st for t-shirt / hoodie upgrade)
  • Those Who Succeed will be Branded with a Medal of Immunity
  • Free Beer Upon Completion
  • Team Names on T-Shirts & Team Event Banners
  • An Amazing Tour of Virginia City
  • One Hell of a Good Time



SOLD OUT! You will be inside the haunted landmarks and buildings of the historic ghost town. You are rotted and starving, but too weak to go after the runners’ flags. Be the terror. SOLD OUT!


You are among the hordes. Your hunger is insatiable. Your goal is to get the runners’ flags. It is the only thing that will satisfy your cravings for human flesh.


Each registered zombie will have the option of using our team of professional body paint artists to transform you before the race begins. Our team will provide several options to match your personality, including a custom blood bath and shredding of your clothes. The clothing and hairstyle is up to you! Remember, the more decayed you look, the more the living will quiver in fear, so don’t hold anything back with your attire. Prizes will be had for the best costumes. Each basic mutation will take approximately 10 minutes.

Price: $25

What you will receive as Zombie:

  • 1 Beer Token (redeemable at either the Revive Stations or The Main Event Bar on C Street)
  • Basic Zombie Makeup provided by Body Paint Factory
  • Redrun Bag with Goodies
  • 1 Time Discounted Upgrade Option on Performance T-Shirt, Hoodie & Course Beer/Drink Tokens (deadline of October 1st for t-shirt / hoodie upgrade)
  • One Hell of a Good Time

Zombies make the atmosphere of this event. Dress-up, get bloody, and get ready to play the part of the living dead. Your efforts will be worth it. Never before have zombies been rewarded so much in the aftermath of Armageddon.


This crawl is extraordinary. Many try to duplicate, but no one can match the authenticity of the historic saloons of Virginia City. Some of them are over 100-years-old. All of them are within walking distance of one another.

Includes: Your commemorative Redrun cup, 1st beer free, 13 specialty drink samples redeemable at each participating Virginia City saloons, $3 Coors Lights, and discounts on all specialty drinks. Collect raffles tickets along the way for a chance to win a grand prize at the Celebration of Survival Party.

Price: $20 per Crawler
*price increases October 12th

Saloon Crawl Hours: 11am – 4pm

The Redrun launch is unlike anything you’ll ever see. Each Horde consists of 20+ teams of runners all crammed, compromised, and primed for the launch into the most thrilling experience of their lives. Thousands line the streets of Virginia City to see the spectacle that is the start to Redrun. This year the story changes, and so will the start to Redrun. We can’t wait for all to see it! For now, we are going to let the anxiety build and keep this secret buried. All we will say is this- don’t be left out in the social media cold. You’re going to want to experience it yourself. You won’t have a clue as to what is going on until you are released by the Game Warden. He will group you together, torment, and parade you before a vast audience of his followers before launching you onto the course. It’s a launch you will never forget.

Redrun start times will be broken down into Hordes.
The first Horde will begin at 12:20 pm. Each Horde times will start once they are launched.

First-come, first-serve on start times. No start time is guaranteed. Start times will be released the week of Redrun. Teams and early registrants will have first choice. If a start time fills up, you may register a team member under a different time, and we will place them with your Horde!

For standard rules and questions please read through our RULES link.

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