Most of your questions will be answered right here as Redrun VI draws near. You will be reminded of the rules and regulations the week of the event and during check-in.

A Few Key Points:

  • You Must Be Checked-In Before the Noon Toll in Virginia City on the day of  Redrun VI: Bloodline
  • Dress-Up
  • Stay the Course
  • Be Ready to Have One Hell of a Good Time


The Courses – There are two courses each team must complete to finish Redrun. The leader of each team will receive a card at check-in indicating which course their team must finish first. STAY THE COURSE & HOLD ON TO THAT CARD!

Deciphering the Courses – Part of the authentic experience is keep the public guessing right up until the launch of Redrun VI.  You won’t know what to expect until you embark on your mission. If you want to find the Puzzle Master, you must stay on your course! Following a team on a different path, or wandering off your given course will lead to failure. Each course will take you through different locations in the outskirts of Virginia City as well as inside some of the most haunted buildings ever documented. The clues and riddles will be found in some of the most haunted locations in the entire United States. These landmarks all hold historic significance.  While you will be running away from Zombies,  we ask all competitors to respect the locations and the items in them. We prohibit any running inside buildings and moving any objects throughout Virginia City’s landscape. You will also not be required to move, touch, push, rub, kick, lick, or do anything else to find the clues. All you need is your wits and your eyes to find the clues. You must leave the locations in the same state in which you found them. We love Virginia City and take this rule very seriously. Any competitor caught disrespecting locations or the items in or around them will be thrown out of the game.

Flags – Runners will receive flags at check-in which they must protect from the living dead. Rebel Squads (teams with 2 to 3 members) will receive 6 flags, Mob Squads (teams with 4 to 6 members) will start with 8 flags, and Sole Survivors will start with 4. Flags must be attached to the belts provided and worn on a competitor’s sides. Do not tuck in the flags, tie them in a knot, or hang them in your front or back. You don’t want zombies grabbing you there, and they don’t want to grab you there either. Each flag your team crosses the finish line with is a one-minute time bonus.

The Dead Zones – Several undisclosed key locations on both courses will house Zombie infested Dead Zones. Zombies are only allowed to go after your flags in designated dead zone areas. We do not allow any pushing, kicking, tripping, grabbing, tackling, or any other kind of aggressive action from competitors or zombies. This type of behavior is strictly prohibited. We want everyone to have a good time.  Any participant who does not respect this rule will be thrown out of the game.

The Clues – Teams must collect all of the clues along each course in order to solve the final puzzle. Remember that card we told you to hold on to? This is why you’re going to need it.

The Revive Stations – There will be several Revive Stations throughout each course loaded with drinks. If you want a Coors Light (or three) or a sports drink, you need to purchase a drink wristband, which you can add-on when you register. No cash is accepted on the courses. Water is provided for free.

The Riddles – Riddles based on the haunted history of Virginia City will be planted on each course. While most of the courses are marked with arrows, when you reach these riddles, you’re on your own. Only by solving them will your team know where to go next. If your team is unable to decipher a riddle, the Game Warden’s Puzzle Keepers will gladly help you out. But it will cost you. Each hint will cost one flag.

The Mission – Decipher the coordinates to the Puzzle Master’s safe house. Obtain an offering proving yourself worthy of his purified blood. Bring the cure back to civilization. Your team won’t be able to cross the finish line unless you have a vial of the Puzzle Master’s blood. You won’t be able to get a vial of his blood unless you decipher the final puzzle. You won’t be able to decipher the final puzzle unless you collect all of the clues. You won’t be able to collect all of the clues unless you complete both courses. How do you ensure you complete your mission? STAY YOUR COURSE!

The Launch – The run begins with a heart-pounding launch in the dead of Virginia City. Regardless of which card your team receives at check-in, every team will launched in the same direction. It won’t be until further down the road that teams will split off into separate journeys.

Transportation – the only transportation you are allowed to used Redrun are your feet. If any member of your team gets in a car, hops on a motorcycle, cycles through town on a bike, pulls a skateboard out of their backpack, rolls down the sidewalk on a Rascal… whatever… your team will be disqualified.

The Prizes – All runners who complete the mission will receive medals. The top 4 teams from each division, Rebel Squad and Mob Squad, and the top 3 Sole Survivors will be rewarded.

Finish – Teams must be finished with Redrun 6 by 4:00 p.m. At that time, the road will re-open and the Celebration of Survivors’ Party will begin.

The Celebration of Survivors – The Celebration of Survivors will have live music, a DJ, food, Coors Light, costume contests, and much, much more. The arena will have a post-Apocalyptic atmosphere and be adorned with banners for the top finishers. The Game Warden and Puzzle Master will present those banners as well as prizes to the winners in a special awards ceremony. Location TBD.

Check-In – Burned to ash, the rich came here to indulge in gluttonous sin
This is where your mission will begin
The International Hotel now lays buried under concrete
Check-in here in the center of Virginia City on C Street

Zombie Check-In – 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. – Zombies Must Be Checked-In By 10:30 a.m.

Runner Check-In – 9:00 a.m. to Noon – Runners Must Be Checked-In By Noon


  • Is this like previous Redrun events, or is it like The Hunt from 2017?

Answer:  It is a combination of both!  We’ve listened to participants and are taking the very best elements from the run and the scavenger hunt to create Redrun VI. The Hunt was a game derived by the Puzzle Master and the Game Warden for their own entertainment.  It turned Virginia City into a giant escape room. The vaccination from The Hunt was tampered with by an unknown entity and the virus is spreading faster than ever.  The Zombies have once again spread throughout Virginia City’s landscape.  This year’s Redrun VI: Bloodline will send survivors on a mission that will require runners to decipher the correct path to the Puzzle Master’s safe-house and the right to his purified blood. You will run through the challenging landscape of Virginia City, explore the inside of the haunted buildings of the Comstock, solve riddles, face obstacles, collect clues, and fight your way through zombies. This will truly be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

  • Is Redrun physically challenging?

Answer: Yes. The combined courses are roughly 5-miles. The competition must all be done on foot, and you will be running from the Dead. The landscape will be challenging both physically and mentally. And to finish in the top 6, you’ll have to finish as fast as you can.

  • Can I walk the course?

Technically you can, but keep in mind that time is ticking and you will need to cross the finish line by 4:00 p.m.

  • What type of course is Redrun?

Answer: Redrun will take you all over VC. There are two courses you must complete in order to finish. You must stay on your course! If you see a team that isn’t yours exploring a historic landmark or heading off in a certain direction, do not follow them. It will lead to failure. To complete the mission, you must stay on the course the Game Warden gave you and your team.

  • Is there tackling, spitting, pile-driving, scissor kicking, horse-collaring, sumo wrestling, arm bars, weapons, or fake weapons allowed during Redurn?

Answer: Let us answer this question as clearly as we can: HELL NO! All these actions and items and any related cousins are strictly prohibited. This is not a contact sport! The rules will be clear and you will be removed from the event if they are violated. This event is designed to be a fun and exhilarating experience for all participants. To ensure this, everyone needs to be respectful of all the rules. A good dose of common sense here couldn’t hurt, either.

  • What about weapons?

Answer: NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! If it can hurt someone, it is prohibited from the game. Anyone caught with any type of weapon – a real gun, paintball gun, switch blade, baseball bat, pepper spray, whatever – will be immediately thrown out of the game.

  • Where are the clues to solve the puzzles? Do I have to move anything to find them?

Answer: NO! You do not need to touch anything to find them. Just use your wits and your eyes. Please respect these historic locations. You must leave the landmarks and everything inside and out in the same condition and position in which you found them.

  • How long does it take to complete the mission?

Answer: Well, that depends. The course will take anywhere between 1 and 3 hours to finish. How good is your team? The mission will end at 4pm.

  • Will there be a launch to start The Redrun VI?

Answer: Yes! Make no mistake – the launch is our absolute favorite part of Redrun, and once again we plan on making it an experience you will remember forever. How are we going to do it? This will be our biggest kept secret.

  • Are pets and children allowed?

Answer: Virginia City loves children of all ages and your pets! They can definitely come and enjoy the town. However, pets are not allowed to be part of The Hunt (even if they are trained zombie killers). To register as a runner or zombie, the participant must be at least 12. (Participants under the age of 18 must have a parental consent form signed by a parent or legal guardian.).

  • What type of shoes should I wear?

Answer: You will be going as fast as you can as you climb up and down steep hills, over wooden-planked sidewalks, and across rough terrain. So right away let’s rule out sandals, moccasins, flip-flops, cowboy boots, flippers, or bare feet. We highly recommend trail shoes!

  • There are a lot of spectators at this event. How will I know who is participating in Redrun?

Answer: All participants, living and dead, must wear a race bibs

  • How will I find out which teams won?

Answer: The 4 teams from each division, Rebel Squad and Mob Squad,and the first 3 Sole Survivors to cross the finish line with the Puzzle Master’s vile of blood the fastest will be awarded at the Celebration of Survivors’ party. The celebration will have award ceremonies for the winners as well as contests for best costumes. The party will also feature food, beer, music, a ton of prizes and giveaways, and much, much more.

  • I am a spectator or only participating in the Redrun Saloon Crawl. Can I come to the Celebration of Survivors?

Answer: Consider yourself invited!

  • Will there be a zombie procession?

Answer: Before the first Horde is launched, Virginia City will be overrun by a procession of the living dead down the middle of Virginia City’s main street. Its a sight you don’t want to miss. That is, unless you’re afraid…

  • How do I find updates?

Answer: Just join our cult by entering your email below. You will get all the information you need about The Hunt. Also, join our Facebook and Instagram pages and keep checking our main page for news updates. Look under your pillow at night for an occasional threat from the Game Warden…umm, we mean special note.

  • I am a local business. How do I get involved?

Answer: We want you involved. Have some fun and dress the theme! In fact we have partnered with several local business and would love to include you. Just email us:

  • Is my registration fee refundable?

Answer: Your registration fee is refundable until September 1st. All registrations after that are non-refundable. When you’re dead, you’re dead. This event will take place under just about any weather condition.


  • How many people can I have on my team?

Answer: You can register as either a Rebel Squad or a Mob Squad. A Rebel Squad has 2 to 3 team members. A Mob Squad has 4 to 6 team members.

  • What type of riddles will we need to solve?

Answer: The riddles will all be based on the history of Virginia City. Your victory depends on your knowledge of the spirits of those who haunt the Comstock. The Game Warden will be posting hints on the Study Guide page leading up to The Hunt. Keep in mind: some of those hints will help you, some will be dead ends. You won’t know which is which until you play the game.

  • How does my team “hunt” for zombies?

Answer: The zombies are key to cracking the final code and winning The Hunt. The Game Warden, however, is keeping this part of the puzzle under wraps for now.

  • How do the flags work?

Answer: The flags will be blood red. They will go on the belt provided. One team member must wear them over their outer most layer of clothing and have them visible at all times. The flags must hang at their sides and not in front of them. Teammates are responsible for keeping their flag holder safe from zombies. Any flag lost is a deduction in time. You may not take flags from other teams, pick up any flags off the ground, or tie the flags onto your belt, pants, etc.

  • What should I wear?

Answer: We highly encourage teams to dress-up. Show your solidarity with bright orange hunting vests, post-apocalyptic apparel, matching tutus… the crazier and more creative the better. The best costumes will be rewarded at the Celebration of Survivors.


  • What time should I show up and how long will it take for make-up?

Answer: If you use our body paint artists, it will take 10-15 minutes per person. There will be plenty of artists, but the earlier you arrive, the better. Each year, we have a Zombie Procession right down the middle of Virginia City’s main street. That will be at high noon.

  • What should I wear?

Answer: Dress the part. Zombies make the atmosphere of this event. You will be responsible for your own clothing and hair. The professional body paint artists can custom shred and bloody your clothes if you like. Just ask. You may also do your own make-up. It’s up to you. The best costumes will be rewarded at the Celebration of Survivors.

  • Will I know the rules and where to go?

Answer: You will receive a private message from the Game Warden before The Hunt. Your full role in the game will only be known to you and your fellow zombies. The Hunters are being kept completely in the dark.



  • Can I volunteer?

Answer: Yes! We have several positions available. To register as a volunteer, please send us an email below.

  • Can I come and watch?

Answer: Yes! Thousands of spectators flood the streets and general public areas to witness the spectacle that is Redrun. However, we ask you to stay out of the way! Trust us when we say, it is packed!

  • Are spectators allowed to go to the Celebration of Survivors?

Answer: Yes, yes, and yes.

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